Services to Foreign Advisory Firms

Market Review. The Firm can conduct country, industry, market and sector reviews to keep foreign advisory firms apprised of developments that affect their regional strategies or their clients' interests.

Market Disclosure.  Many foreign advisory firms, such as law firms, are required to prepare or review disclosure regarding investment risk in Latin America, such as with the description of relevant risk factors in private or public securities offering documents.  Puente Pacífico can prepare or review such disclosures or advise when events regarding the relevant firm or country in Latin America materially affect the disclosures.

Transaction Execution. Many foreign firms that are not based in Latin America regularly work on transactions in the region. Puente Pacífico can serve as the local team member of a foreign advisory group, act as an interface between foreign and local parties and assist in transaction execution. 

Transaction Management.  Following transaction closing, Puente Pacífico can assist in transaction oversight and monitor compliance with agreed commercial milestones and legal requirements.  Similarly, Puente Pacífico can assist in the review of post-closing investment developments that may require foreign investor review and approval, including material commercial agreements, post-closing financial arrangements and board proposals.