Services to Foreign Investors

Transaction Sourcing. To help clients identify business opportunities, Puente Pacífico can assist with Latin America strategy development, portfolio allocation and transaction sourcing. All transaction sourcing activities are conducted in strict confidentiality and in strict accordance with pre-agreed client search guidelines.

Transaction Structuring. The Firm can, working with local advisers if necessary, help  create transaction structures which reflect client structuring objectives, are tax efficient and reduce transaction risk.  Puente Pacífico can also assist with due diligence.

Transaction Execution. To help clients realize opportunities, Puente Pacífico can help establish local entities, draft and negotiate preliminary and definitive documentation and oversee closing procedures. The Firm can also design corporate governance arrangements that are consistent with investor compliance and risk management requirements. 

Transaction Management. Following transaction closing, the Firm can monitor investment progress toward agreed commercial milestones, review documents that require investor approval and check compliance with legal documentation.  Furthermore, the Firm can monitor country or local market conditions which may have a material impact on investment returns.

Dispute Resolution.  In the event of a commercial dispute between investment parties, the Firm can, as an alternative to litigation, assist the parties with developing solutions that fairly reflect agreed investment terms and conditions but seek to preserve created business value.