Research and Analytical Products

Research. Puente Pacífico conducts ongoing research in connection with the preparation of sector reports and risk analyses.  The Firm can prepare tailored country, industry or market reports or updates to facilitate market entry analysis or support post-investment strategy review.  

Analysis. The Firm develops products to measure and mitigate investment risk in Latin America, including country, investment vehicle, counterparty and project risks.

Puente Pacífico can help investors review assumptions in financial models, develop risk premia to quantify unsystematic risk in MCAPM calculations and analyze risk categories or risk calculations in build up methods.  

In connection with investments that are structured entirely or partially as debt, Puente Pacífico can help with underwriting analysis or security package structuring.  After funding the Firm can assist with analyzing factors that may impact  the credit quality or monitoring financing documentation conditions subsequent. 

Furthermore, Puente Pacífico can assist in benchmarking local regulations and risk management policies and procedures to those existing in an investor's home country.