Peru and Japan Sign FTA

01 June 2011

Peru and Japan have signed a Free Trade Agreement.  Under the terms of the agreement, tariffs on almost all Peruvian products with export potential will be eliminated within 10 years.  It is expected that, once the agreement enters into effect, trade between the two countries could increase 30%.

Moody's Raises Colombia Bond Rating to Investment Grade

01 June 2011

In accordance with market expectations, Moody's raised Colombia's foreign currency bond rating from Ba1 to Baa3.   Among reasons cited by Moody's for the upgrade were Colombia's compliance with past debt obligations.

Puente PacĂ­fico Publishes May Issue of Latin America Real Estate Review

01 June 2011

The Latin America Real Estate Review is a report prepared by Puente Pacifico, published monthly, on developments in the real estate sector in Latin America.

The May, 2011 issue is available at the following link:

Integrated Latin American Market Launches

30 May 2011

Today the Integrated Latin American Market (MILA) launched. MILA, which integrates stock exchanges in Chile, Peru and Colombia, is expected to facilitate trading and deepen liquidity.  Trading volumes in the market, the second largest in Latin America after Brazil, could reach US $350 million a day.