Internship Opportunities

Internships provide an opportunity for students to directly participate in market developments, let market practice challenge their ideas and, equally as important, use their ideas to challenge market practice.

The Firm supports two unpaid internships, the Corporate Internship and the Pro Bono Internship. The Corporate Internship provides students with exposure to cutting edge issues in cross-border investment, including financial product structuring, risk quantification and risk mitigation.

The Pro Bono Internship allows students to work collaboratively with the Firm on developing pro bono initiatives which are intended to  make a positive impact in Latin America in key areas such as education and the environment.

While academic credentials are relevant, the Firm recognizes that, in many instances, a individual's formal academic training or performance may not reflect his or her potential for contribution in the area of cross-border investment.  Accordingly, rather than specific academic credentials, the key qualifications for the Internships are a strong desire to learn, demonstrable analytical abilities and an interest in cross-border investment or community development. 

Persons from all countries, academic backgrounds and with all life experiences are encouraged to apply.  While helpful, proficiency in Spanish or Portuguese is not required.

Recognizing that, for different reasons, relocating to Chile for internships may difficult, Puente Pacífico also can, under certain circumstances, allow students to work on Internship matters "remotely" from their home countries.

Persons interested in applying for internships should send a detailed statement of interest and qualifications to